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Embodying Feminine Wisdom Circle

Nov 16, 10-11:30am

Berkeley, CA

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Artist: Erika Pochybova

Alchemy of Fire in the Earth


As we move into winter, we see nature all around us die and hibernate. 

Our society has a negative view of dying. But death is just part of the cycle of life. In death, we return to our source. We do not die, we just transform. 

The 5 elements of Chinese medicine are 5 movements that show the transformation of all things in the creation. The germinating of the seed. The blossoming of the tree. The enjoying of the fruit. The tree losing its leaves. The leaves creating soil for the roots and new seeds to be planted. 

Right now, the fire is going deep in the earth. It is returning to its source. The fire is cooking and transforming in the womb of the earth. Just like a child is cooked in our womb.

There is beauty in the creation around us. But what we cannot see is just as important. When something dies, it is so that life can be reborn. If we didn't have rich soil from decaying plants and animals, new seeds wouldn't be nourished.

In meditation, we seek to return to our source. Our consciousness moves deep inside.

We become magicians when we see and activate things at a source level. We become healers. We can transform ourselves. 

In our circle, we will discuss the alchemy of fire moving into the earth during winter, tune into what this feels like in our bodies, and share the ways to use this knowledge.

"Corinne Welder is a womb whisperer who is gifted at helping women get in touch with the feminine energy of the womb. In an age where the Divine Feminine is coming back through a society dominated by patriarchy, we women are so fortunate to have an intuitive healer and teacher like Corinne. She is sensitive yet fierce in her commitment to embodying the Feminine and helping other women reconnect to Her voice and wisdom. If you feel uncomfortable or a lack of aliveness when it comes to being female, or with female sexuality and fertility, Corinne can guide you to finding your own deepest connection with the sacred feminine within."

Julia L.

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