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Fertility Support

The integration of the energetic and spiritual aspects of fertility with the treatment of your body through acupuncture and herbs is my realm of expertise.

Together we will take a whole being approach to your treatment. We will restore your body, revive your energy, release trauma, and prepare your body and spirit to create and nurture a beautiful new life.


The secret to fertility is in promoting your own health and vitality.


I am committed to helping you have the healthiest baby that you can. What makes a healthy baby? Healthy parents. A baby grows from and is nourished by the egg cell and body of its mother. The more vitality and life you have, the more clean and clear your body is from toxins, and the happier you are in your life and relationships, the more likely it is that you will conceive a healthy baby. 


Healthy DNA and vitality from the father's sperm are just as important! A leading cause of defective sperm function is DNA damage, which is largely due to oxidative stress. The good news is that meditation has been shown to reduce oxidative DNA damage, which can have a positive impact on fertility, the health trajectory of your children, and healthy aging.  


This perspective takes a holistic approach, which sees you as more than just your physical body and cells. You are a whole being made up of physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements all of which affect each other. Examples of the mental and emotional state affecting the physical body are butterflies in the stomach when you are nervous or the cascade of hormones when you are stressed that put your body into a fight or flight state. 


Together, we will create an environment in your body, mind, and spirit that is well functioning and full of life. 



Assisted reproductive technologies like IVF and IUI allow miracle babies to happen! But it can be overwhelming to go through rounds of IVF, anxiously waiting for the results, with the added stress on your body and finances. In addition to high-quality medical treatment and technology, you also need deep internal healing. 


Self-love, self-compassion, surrender, and hope - the qualities needed to sustain people facing infertility are often the least accessible when needed most. You need ways to calm the waves of anxiety, fear, grief, and hopelessness that you may be feeling. Meditation brings relaxation, peace, and wellbeing. 


I take you to a deep inner state that you may have difficulty reaching on your own. This inner state is like the stillness of the depth of the ocean underneath all of the crashing waves on the surface. Here, you can feel the depths of yourself beyond all of the emotions and exhaustion on the surface. In this state, I can help you release trauma and support the flow of life force in your body. 

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