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Emotional Freedom


  • Are you always fighting a battle within yourself but never really breaking out into your potential? 

  • Do you want to have a big impact but feel held back by beliefs or patterns that you keep recreating?

  • Are your frustrated by your ego?

IST (Inner Space Techniques) sessions will go deep into your psyche to explore what is happening beneath the surface in your life as well as intensely emotional events from your past lives that imprinted you and keep you locked into a pattern or an undesired role in life. I am guided by the space and guide you through the experience. So I don't control the session and you have your own experiences and realizations. By seeing these deeply subconscious and unconscious parts of you, you will have openings and realizations. By bringing the unconscious into conscious, you will get to have a choice about what happens as opposed to being controlled by an unseen force that keeps you locked in an unhealthy pattern. Realizations will take place in each session, but there will be a point when you get to the very source of the emotional imprinting, where there will be a global rearrangement of your psyche so that your true self can shine through more.

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