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Testimonials: Testimonial

I worked with Corinne over a period of three months to address chronic issues I had been experiencing with my knees, legs and feet for about two years. I had been treated by physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, homeopathic medicine, essential oils and well, you get the picture. I had tried a lot of things.  However, nothing was quite addressing the issue fully. It lingered persistently and prevented me from doing things that I love to do like dancing. 

Corinne was able to gear into the energetic root cause of these chronic issues with my knees, legs and feet and over the course of six, 2-hour sessions she significantly shifted the patterns of tension and holding I was experiencing day in and day out in my legs.

We wrapped up our sessions shortly before a trip I took to Rio de Janeiro and am happy to report that for the first time in a long time I danced until the sun came up. Aside from the amazing results, the treatments themselves are mind-blowingly relaxing and rejuvenating. Thank you Corinne! You are magic.

Cat V

I was pretty desperate with painful symptoms of my period and PMS  when I found Corinne. I have just had 2 sessions with her, but this combined with the "homework" she gave me have served to completely transform my monthly experience. I was literally afraid of my period approaching because I had such terrible cramps and the PMS was triggering depression. This time around, it was barely an inconvenience. What is even more impressive to me is that Corinne intuitively linked this suffering to emotional issues and stagnation (lack of exercise). Since working with her, I have gained an appreciation for delving deep into my "center," keeping Chi flowing and staying grounded. I practice these things daily, and it is helping me majorly with depression, which I did not even come to her for. 

During the sessions, she is so warm and grounded, which creates a safe and cozy environment for my energy to move around in.  I've also attended a public talk Corinne gave about emotional grounding, which has been so helpful that I shared her wisdom with my yoga students. 

In short, Corinne is talented, professional, caring and grounded, and you could not hope to be in better hands.

Elaine W

Very positive experience!  I've been working with Corinne for several months and her sessions are awesome; I'm treated to a deep, extremely relaxed state every single time we work together:)

I was looking for several things...relief from career-related aches and pains (I'm a cellist of 25 years), asthma symptoms (since childhood), and most of all - I was trying to find a healthy way to deal with stress.  I found Corinne to be both skilled and intuitive, and I was overwhelmed the first time I realized how much different and better I felt at the end of our hour sessions.  Would recommend this to any human being on earth, I would wish this feeling on everyone!

Jen M

I went to Corinne after I had seen a naturopath, an integrative MD and an acupuncturist. I had a rash that had slowly spread all over my body and kept me up at night. I did 8 sessions with Corinne...the rash is gone! It's been totally gone for a month now. I am very grateful.

Heidi D

Corinne is exactly what the doctor ordered! My acupuncture sessions with her are like breaths of fresh air. She is so very dedicated to each specific area of my physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. She moves with such intuition and grace along my entire body, finding and releasing any blocks, helping me to truly allow my chi to flow freely. After my evaluation on my first visit, I came back to find that she had done extra research on some of the goals I had in mind with our time together, and she has helped me tremendously in the last two weeks as I finish up six months of chemotherapy for breast cancer. My side effects are virtually gone, my appetite and energy are back, and I truly have Corinne to thank for that! She is an angel. I absolutely recommend Dragon Blossom to everyone, especially if it is a new practice for you!

Carina C

"I have been working with Corinne - initially remotely -  for female and digestive issues for the past few months. I have seen many acupuncturists and many alternative and conventional healers before. Corinne easily navigates the spectrum of physical/emotional and spiritual to get to the core. I traveled from South Carolina to Berkeley for an intensive with her - 3 days, twice daily sessions. She is extraordinarily intuitive. I had a powerful shift, the experience was transformational. Besides physical improvements, I see and feel life from a new perspective, and it is truly AWESOME."

Karen C

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