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Pregnancy Birth Support


In our work together, I will help you

- Connect to the beautiful spaces that come with pregnancy.
- Support and strengthen your life force to have a strong and healthy pregnancy and to pass vital life force to the baby.
- Balance and harmonize your system and energetic organs to help you cope with the changes that are happening in your body. 
- Support your emotional and spiritual needs.

- Alleviate back and hip pain.

- Alleviate morning sickness.

- Allay anxiety and depression



I will take you into meditation states and teach you energetic practices to

- Calm anxiety and uplift depression.

- Strengthen your life force to nourish you and the baby.

- Connect you to the universal feminine forces that uphold your pregnancy so you can be supported you when you are exhausted and feel the magic and power behind pregnancy and birth.

- Alleviate discomfort in the body.


I work with you in the months before your due date to

- Prepare your body for the birth of your baby for an easier labor. 

- Help you get in touch with your primal feminine power, the power of all mothers who give birth. 

- Feel less anxious and more connected to your body.  

- Connect you to the universal mother archetype and feel the part of you that is also being birthed into motherhood.



I will take you into meditation states and teach you energetic practices to

- Build strength and connect to the power behind the forces of birth.

- Help you ride the waves that move through you at birth.

- Help you rest in something deep within yourself that is powerful and is beyond your mind.


Getting the support and nourishment you need to recover and to nourish your baby is a top priority.


With pregnancy, birth, and new motherhood, there has been a major transformation in your body. It can take time for you to find a new place of balance in yourself and your body. It is important to give this new balance time to emerge, Don't rush. Give yourself plenty of space. And honor your boundaries. 

Many issues in women that come from giving birth like incontinence, prolapse, fatigue, and postpartum depressions can be avoided with the proper postpartum care.


You can’t make a transformation unless you have the resources to do it. I look at what resources you need and how I can help your system find harmonization at this new place, which is motherhood.


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