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I am Corinne Welder Senechal, LAc.

Eleven years of meditation and transformation work with the Clairvision School of Meditation has honed my intuition and given me direct perception of the energetic body. I trained as an energetic healer and meditator under Dr. Samuel Sagan, the founder of the Clairvision school of meditation. I have also instructed at meditation courses in the Clairvision school and led many clients through their own deep and transformative healing experiences.


Fertility Support

The integration of the energetic and spiritual aspects of fertility with the treatment of your body through acupuncture and herbs is my realm of expertise.

Together we will take a whole being approach to your treatment. We will restore your body, revive your energy, release trauma, and prepare your body and spirit to create and nurture a beautiful new life.

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Women's Health

Pregnancy & Birth

"I had the fortune of working with Corinne before and after conceiving my son. Corinne is a joy to work with. She has a deep understanding of energy and fertility, and she works directly with spiritual forces and mysteries in a way that is grounded and real.

Corinne helps to create an opening and flow with what is there, which is a very different experience than the grasping and “trying” that can often come with wanting to conceive.

Within three months of working with Corinne I became pregnant through a natural (and conscious) conception. In fact, it was Corinne who “confirmed” the pregnancy by taking my pulses at a session, when it was still too early for a pregnancy test to show positive.

I continued to work with Corinne during the early part of the pregnancy. Our sessions were deeply nourishing and supportive. Even though I was working full-time and went through several rounds of medical testing, the whole process was filled with ease, magic and sacredness.

I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy boy when I was 43.

Corinne brings depth, vision and genuine caring into everything she does. I would highly recommend working with her and wish you the best on your journey."

Cecilia L.

Working with Dragon Blossom

I work with your sexual energy, life force, and inherent feminine power.

I help you connect with and increase your sexual energy, which is your life force and creative power.


I work with your energetic anatomy.

Just as you have physical anatomy and physiology, you have energetic anatomy and energetic functions. Energetic anatomy consists of channels that circulate energy known as meridians in Chinese medicine and nadis in the Hindu yoga tradition.


Energetic anatomy also consists of energetic structures like the doughnut-shaped structure at the level of the perineum known as muladhara in yoga traditions or the toroid in the Clairvision tradition. 


Circulations can become blocked and energetic structures can become dysfunctional leading to an array of symptoms.


I work with your essential nature.

Your essential nature is who you are when you are silent. It is who you are behind the busy whirlwind of life. It is your intuition and inner knowing. It is the qualities of light that you shine. 


Connecting with your essential nature through the process of conception through birth and motherhood is key to you being able to navigate the difficult times with support and clarity.


I work with meditation techniques to help you see underlying belief systems and patterns.

I help you see the belief systems, underlying fears, and social conditioning that keep you from blossoming fully in your sexual energy, connecting to yourself and your body, and being able to be deeply supported in your life.

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